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Welcome to the Cork University Hospital EM Medical Student Hub!

As the largest teaching hospital in the country, CUH is committed to excellence in patient care, education, and research. Emergency Medicine is a dynamic and ever-evolving medical specialty, and your rotation here will expose you to a diverse range of cases, fostering your skills and knowledge in emergency medicine. The dynamic nature of Emergency Medicine not only helps to hone your diagnostic and procedural skills, but also gives you the opportunity to work as a vital part of our a multidisciplinary team from your first day on the floor.

Our consultants and NCHD’s come from diverse academic backgrounds, including experts in:
  • Resuscitation and critical care
  • Prehospital (PHEM) and Retrieval Medicine
  • Paediatric Emergency Medicine (PEM)
  • Emergency Ultrasound (POCUS)
  • Airway management
  • Simulation and education
  • Injury epidemiology and global health
  • Major incident/disaster medicine

How to get involved in EM?

  1. DEM Year 4 (GEM3) EM Rotation
    • This placement is intergrated into UCC’s fourth year curriculum – this involves a two-week placement in the Emergency Department.
    • You will be here for a total of nine clinical days which will involve a shift pattern, and there will be one day of formal teaching to include group work, practical procedures, and didactic sessions covering topics specific to care of the Emergency Department patient.
  2. Student Selected Electives
    • We have capacity to welcome a limited amount of students each year to complete their summer electives with ourselves in CUH ED. This is a great opportunity to have a bit more time to experience EM outside of the standard curriculum- for more information contact XXXXXXX.
  3. Research Opportunities
    • CUH EM has a proud culture of research and quality improvement, through EIRN.
    • We are happy to support and supervise medical student projects in Emergency Medicine for your undergraduate Final Year Project
    • There are always research projects underway within the department – feel free to join us at our weekly EIRN meeting to get involved!
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