Emergency Innovation Research Network

EIRN is set up to nurture and foster multidisciplinary evidence based practice, innovation, research, audit and quality improvement at Cork University Hospital Emergency Department. We meet every Friday morning at 8.30am.
EIRN allows ideas and proposals be socialised, sense checked and support is provided to navigate the ED, hospital and university, structures and key stakeholders, to optimally deliver projects.

Every 2nd week the EIRN meeting is dedicated to Journal Club where 2 published papers are presented by trainees and critically appraised by those in attendance; this is step one of introducing any evidence based practice change in our department.

EIRN supports final year medical students projects interested in emergency medicine projects and is the platform through which audits by trainees are identified, distributed and supported.

On a quarterly basis, EIRN takes place off campus, often in one of Cork’s fine Pubs or in the great outdoors.

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